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User Demonstration Videos

The Basics


Use Flex Search to find information and add new details. You can configure Flex to search for + display specific results + enable actions like Create New items, Send Email, and much more.


The Wizard is a powerful function of SharePoint Flex - add to your Dashboard or the Quick Launch menu to create new items quickly + avoid duplicates.


The Flex Quick Actions feature enhances a users workflow by providing them with a series of logical next steps once they complete a specific action.

Cool Features & Tools


The Data Viewer allows easy viewing and retrieval of email messages, interactions and other item details. It's like flipping through the pages of an online book.


Flex has many configurable options for Task Management, such as the color coding of Tasks. High Priority or overdue Tasks can be highlighted to alert the user.


Eliminate a clogged inbox and reduce the time it takes to process email communications. The Flex Plugin performs a variety of functions between Outlook and SharePoint and saves incoming and outgoing emails to Flex.

Advanced Features


Flex Connections address the multi-relational aspects of complex industry processes, going beyond the standard parent/child relationships typical of relationship management software.


The Forms within Flex can adapt to a vast array of business scenarios. Flex's configurable options help you gather intelligence, spot trends and work smarter, not harder.


Flex contains many "core" lists (i.e. Accounts, Contacts, Tasks) to enable immediate use of the system. However, every Flex site can contain its own unique lists. All Flex lists can be repurposed and renamed to track and manage all kinds of information.

Administrator Demonstration Videos


The additional features in the SharePoint Flex Sub-Grid allow you to swap a limited List View with a more powerful, configurable display format.


Apply this new Folder structure so that users can easily click through Folders containing Documents, or click the 'All Documents' link to view all Folders for related Parent and Child Flex items.


The first phase of integration with MailChimp allows adding subscribers to a MailChimp List directly from within Flex.


This feature can be used to quickly send an Outlook email message to multiple recipients from within a Contact Sub-Grid.


The Parent Links feature helps tie related item Lists together in SharePoint Flex, creating an efficient way to jump from a Child item to its Parent from the SharePoint List Web Part.

SharePoint CRM Template Videos

SharePoint Flex was previously known as SharePoint CRM Template. These videos will still be helpful if you follow the steps provided.


The Connected Contacts feature enables the selection of contacts when creating new items, regardless of whether they are directly related to an Account or are contacts from other Accounts, Clients or Organizations.


This feature allows tracking of changes in various situations. For example, if an Account Manager changes, use of this setting will store the original Account Manager name along with the date changed.


Contact items can be moved from one Account to another by using the “Move Items”. When enabled, this option appears on the Contact Sub Grid of an Account Display.


The Copy Down feature enables field data to be filled in automatically as it is copied down a parent Account, Contact, or other parent CRM item.


Sub-Grids are web parts and can be added, removed or reconfigured to suit your business need. The CRM Sub-Grid displays child items to Parent items and creates an extended framework for the relationship structure of the CRM Template.


This enhancement allows you to customize the Quick Launch link groupings in the CRM sidebar - so you can set it up in the most useful way for your team.


The "Multi-Type" feature is designed to support business situations where different field columns are required, depending on the type of item. This How-To video walks through Advanced CRM settings & configuration.


SharePoint CRM has a number of Lists which are logically related so that various CRM List Items are linked together (Accounts, Contacts, Interactions, etc.)


On occasion there will be some fields within your Display Forms that should not be editable by the user. This video shows how to remove these links.


This feature allows you to move any or all of the items within a Sub-Grid to another parent item (an Account, Interaction, Opportunity, etc.)


When a new field is added to the CRM there are several areas that need to be updated. This is because the new field will inevitably appear in multiple CRM screens and displays.


The Audit Log in Sharepoint CRM is a list which tracks Edits made to CRM Items by users. This video demonstrates how to set it up and how delete /purge old entries.