Administrator Guide

1. Using this Guide

This comprehensive guide is intended for the Administrator of SharePoint Flex and not end users.  Its purpose is to provide an understanding of how Flex is designed and how it can be configured.

It is designed in such a way to provide a base understanding of each section. We do our best to tie sections together in an effort to deliver the broadest understanding of the construction, related items, and configuration options.

The best way to use this Guide is to review each section in a cursory fashion to see what is contained in each of the sections.

NOTE – Configuration and Customization are not included with the maintenance of SharePoint Flex.  Please schedule technical support prior to making significant changes to your site by emailing 

Technical Overview

Provides a base understanding of the various technical topics and questions that Administrators have.

Permissions and Privileges

Provides an overview of the various ways that Flex utilizes SharePoint permissions and builds upon it for added controls.


Assists Administrators who wish to roll the system out without the assistance of a SharePoint Flex Consultant.

Advanced Settings

Contains configuration controls that we call “Settings”.

Core Flex Lists

Explains all about the various lists and the features available for those lists.

Custom Lists

How to build custom lists and integrate them into Flex in a variety of ways to support varying business situations.

SharePoint List Views

Flex uses the SharePoint List View Web Part with additional functionality added. This section explains their function and role.

New, Edit and Display Forms

Everything you need to know about the Flex forms which have replaced the standard SharePoint .aspx forms, and how to personalize them to meet specific requirements.


Covers all aspects of out of the box SharePoint columns, along with additional Flex column enhancements and features.


This powerful Flex Web Part connects child related data that is both dynamic and static and is available from every parent item where it is relevant.

Quick Search

Covers all the configuration options of this powerful and flexible function.

The Wizard

The Wizard is more than just a web part to create new items, it is highly configurable and adaptable to enable control over list items.

Configurable Features

This section outlines how to use and configure features that can be used within any list.  Definitely worth a review to see if there are any business situations that might benefit from having these features turned on and configured.

Connection Relationships

Flex can be used to manage an array of relationship types- from Standalone lists to Static and Dynamic connections.  This section will explain how to use these features.

Documents and Templates

Flex takes advantage of SharePoint’s document management functionality but takes it further by relating folders to Flex items.  In addition, we have a merging capability with Word and the ability to use Templates.  The section covers how these features and functions all work together.


Covers our Advanced Search and the various ways that marketing activities, such as list creation and campaigns are handled in Flex templates.

Outlook Plugin

This full featured and powerful application that processes email to Flex lists and items is thoroughly covered in this section.

General Email

This section covers features not related to the Plugin.


This is a useful tool that can convert existing data and reconnect it inside a Flex systems. The Importer/Updater can also be configured to regularly update list information.

Data Refresher

This tool transfers information from one Flex list to another and is provided complimentary to existing customers.

Translation System

Provides Administrators with a list that easily translates all Flex terms to a term of their choosing.

Features and Functions

New Feature releases are listed at the end of this Guide.  It is not necessary to utilize every new feature if the feature is not required by your business process.



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