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The Basics


Use Flex Search to find information and add new details. You can configure Flex to search for + display specific results + enable actions like Create New items, Send Email, and much more.


The Wizard is a powerful function of SharePoint Flex - add to your Dashboard or the Quick Launch menu to create new items quickly + avoid duplicates.


The Flex Quick Actions feature enhances a users workflow by providing them with a series of logical next steps once they complete a specific action.

Cool Features & Tools


The Data Viewer allows easy viewing and retrieval of email messages, interactions and other item details. It's like flipping through the pages of an online book.


Flex has many configurable options for Task Management, such as the color coding of Tasks. High Priority or overdue Tasks can be highlighted to alert the user.


Eliminate a clogged inbox and reduce the time it takes to process email communications. The Flex Plugin performs a variety of functions between Outlook and SharePoint and saves incoming and outgoing emails to Flex.

Advanced Features


Flex Connections address the multi-relational aspects of complex industry processes, going beyond the standard parent/child relationships typical of relationship management software.


The Forms within Flex can adapt to a vast array of business scenarios. Flex's configurable options help you gather intelligence, spot trends and work smarter, not harder.


Flex contains many "core" lists (i.e. Accounts, Contacts, Tasks) to enable immediate use of the system. However, every Flex site can contain its own unique lists. All Flex lists can be repurposed and renamed to track and manage all kinds of information.

Flex Efficiency Tips

Sub-Grid In -Cell Editing


In-Cell editing saves you time when trying to edit information on the go. This video explains how to add in-cell editing to the sub-grids on your Flex site.

Sub-Grid Loading Screen Efficiency Tip


Loading screens can slow us down. This efficiency tip shows how to eliminate loading screens when viewing information in your sub-grids.